I Think It Helped A Lot Of Us Everybody, Even The Coaches.

It was really good. I think it helped a lot of us everybody, even the coaches. Along with the experienced yoga veterans, there were some first-timers. A few found it extremely tough. Im not the most flexible, acknowledged player development coach Chris DeMarco. Assistant coach Mike Brown described his debut as terrible. For me, it was really hard, but it was fun, he said, later adding, I nearly passed out. nextRon Adams, another assistant who focuses on preparing Golden States defense, happened to work out in the hottest corner of the room for his first time practicing in that high temperature. Its such a cleansing exercise, he said. The Warriors arent the only ones doing it. Detroit coach Stan Van Gundy has scheduled yoga time for the Pistons, saying: Its got its value, no question about it. Would I consider doing it with them? Probably not. Kerr goes whenever he can fit it in, typically taking an hour-long class during the lunch hour on game days when the schedule and his body allows. Its a time he can focus on taking some deep breaths, literally, away from the pressure-packed NBA workload and just be just another yoga student for 60 minutes out of his day.

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