For People Without Insurance, However, The Card Won’t Apply.

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epipen price under mylan That’s an increase of more than 500%. According to the company, the discount “effectively reduces theirout-of-pocket cost exposure by 50%,” for patients who were paying the list price. That’s not quite true for everyone, though. What the discountdoes change is how much people with commercial insurance and say, a high deductible, pay. If you were at first on the hook for about $600 before, that will now be cut down to about $300. For people without insurance, however, the card won’t apply. It also won’tapply to people ongovernment insurance programs, such as Medicare or Medicaid. So for those who are uninsured, they’re still on the hook for the full price, which varies between locations and pharmacies but, according to GoodRx, is somewhere between$600 and $700 . The limited applications of the savings offered by the company are made clear on Mylan’s “My EpiPen Savings Card” website , which hasn’t been updated yet to reflect the $300 discount. Mylan screenshot Although the savings-card site does not link to resources for those without insurance, Mylan noted Thursdaythat there is indeed a separate patient-assistance program available for those without insurance, in which patients should pay $0. That means people with commercial insurance using a savings card pay $300 for a two-pack of EpiPens, and people without insurance can pay as little as $0 through the patient-assistance program.

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